Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Glutathione and your liver

This post is dedicated to all my housemates who are asking about GLUTATHIONE. But I hope you (others, hihi) will also learn from this.

Yellow Kastilyo De Kagandahan!

Guys, hindi ko pa naasikaso yung Hepasil DTX niyo. Bigyan niyo pa ako ng konting panahon please… Hihihi. Busy pa ako sa aking takdang aralin.

Anyway, KDG para sa inyong kaalaman in case may mga kakilala kayo na nagsasabing masama ang Glutathione sa inyong kalusugan. I’ve done the research just to confirm what Ive learned last time in the university.

Glutathione o GSH ay isang malupit na ANTIOXIDANT. Natatagpuan yan sa halos lahat ng cells ng human body. At highest ang concentration niyan sa liver; because the liver produces it.  For Aina’s friend na I think namisunderstood lang siguro—it’s not bad for our health. Glutathione ay matatagpuan sa liver. Mayroon ding correlation ang pagsuffer ng isang patiente ng dahil sa liver doon sa kapabilidad o (mababang) konsentrasyon ng Glutathione. 

Ang Glutathione sa katawan ay mainam na natural line of defense system.

Here is the thing: Glutathione Injectibles ay hindi ko mairerekomenda kung nais mong magpaputi as I have researched according to FDA (Food & Drugs Administration). Sapagkat sobrang taas ng dosage nito at wala pang documented na na mga scientific studies patungkol sa safety nito.

So heto na: HEPASIL DTX ay may ingredient na tinatawag na MILK-THISTLE EXTRACT kung saan tumutulong ito sa pagstimulate ng mga enzymes sa iyong liver. Meron itong N-ACETYL L-CYSTEINE & ALPHA-LIPOIC ACID—mga sangkap ito upang magproduce ng mas mataas na GLUTATHIONE ang iyong liver.

Drop me a message if you have questions:

See ya all housemates!!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Testing 001–Blog Post


Back to the ball game.

See you!


Friday, March 4, 2011

Applying for Singapore Airlines as Cabin Crew

This is not a "WANTED" post.

A few months ago, as I was browsing through the internet I came across a job opening for a cabin crew position. The Singapore Airlines was having a walk-in interview. I read all the requirements then I knew it was not for me because the applicant has to be a Singaporean or a Malaysian. But then I was not convinced. I researched the internet if SIA is accepting applicants from other nationalities. I found out that they are considering foreigners but I never saw "Filipino" as included. I proceeded, however, with completing the application form I downloaded online. I was crossing my fingers hoping that they would consider a Filipino.

Together with my overly excited sister, who was actually the master mind of the whole flight attendant career option, I went to the interview. I was wearing a black semi formal dress. Please see picture below.
It was something nearly like that dress. But not the blonde hair. So we went up to the 4th floor and saw the very expansive hall. I walked up straight to the receiving table passing through a section where smartly-dressed boys and girls wait around. I asked the lady at front desk if it was the walk in interview for SIA's cabin crew. She asked me if I signed up already. They handed me a blank application form and told me to fill it out. Oh, it was the same application form I downloaded and completed few days ago. I was so ready for it. :))) I told the lady that I have it already. She was about to give me the next instruction when she asked about my nationality. I told her that I am a Filipino. And the officers sitting were a bit dismayed (just as I was) to tell me that they were not hiring Filipinos. I got upset for 2o seconds then we left the hall. I said thanks to them. Thanks also to the adjacent hall where there was a SALE! We went there and spent some 30 minutes drooling because I dont have money. :))))

I related my experience with some of my friends and they think that it sounded a bit "racist". I researched further and found out that SIA accepts Singaporean, Malaysian, Indonesian, Japanese, Taiwanese, Korean, Chinese and Indians (Source: Ex-SIA CC blogger). Oh so no Filipinos... Ok so maybe next time I'll try again IF I get to marry a Singaporean. LOLs! JOKESSSSSS forever. I haven't checked if they accept PR (Singapore Permanent Resident). It doesn't matter, I'm not a PR anyway. :))))

Remuneration & Service Benefits (Cabin Crew)
A monthly allowance will be provided during training. Upon graduation, you can look forward to a basic salary and various allowances amounting to about $3,500 a month. In addition, there is an annual wage supplement of one month’s basic salary and profit-sharing bonus. You will also be entitled to free travel to any SIA destination once a year and enjoy discounted travel at other times.

Wow right?? :))) That's why I kept telling myself that day, sana pwede sana pwede sana pwede pinoy. HAHA :)))

Well, good luck to others who'll pursue this career!!! :)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Photo Editing

marnieandfriends is ON business

PHOTO editing, birthday banner, wedding banner, baptism, party banner, tarpaulin layout, calendar, business card layout.

You can send your inquiries or place your orders at:
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SUN: 09228-010700
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Saturday, June 20, 2009

The PLAX Band Part 2

These are the lyrics of the songs (these will definitely be included in my album marnieandfriends, hahaha!) we composed for the battle:

The aim of course is not just to perform but to minister and so we chose somewhat evangelistic subjects in our songs.

Our first song performed:

Ikaw Lamang
words & music: jo gonzales

Sa pagmulat ng aking mga mata
Ikaw lang ang pag-asa
Pag-ibig Mo ang hanap-hanap ko
Sa buhay kong ito

Ikaw lamang Hesus
Ang kaligtasan ko oh oh

O Diyos, Ikaw lamang
Ang tanging kailangan
Sa’Yo nasumpungan
Ang tunay na pagmamahal

Nadarama kong kabigatan
Iyong pinasan
Liwanag Mo ang naging daan
Ako’y sa Iyo

Kay rami ng sinubukan
Kay rami ng pinagdaanan
Kay rami ng nilapitan

Ngunit Ikaw, O Diyos
Ikaw lamang ang tanging kailangan
Sa'Yo nasumpungan
ang tunay na pagmamahal

While performing the first song..
The four wearing black are the judges, by the way.
Crush ko 'yung nasa rightmost :D DJ Jordan Escusa of NU107!

Eto siya 'pag nakaharap!

That's him with Kitchie Nadal.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The PLAX Band Part 1

Last May 23, 2009 I got myself into a compromise which turned out to be one exciting experience for keeps. Joanne Gonzales, who is a good friend of mine, was the one who got me into this. I did not realize that it was actually a real Battle of the Bands until I saw the flyers. When I first heard the invitation I thought of it as some jamming sessions like one of those hosted by their church. Ok, I said yes already. So, why not? The contest was sponsored by Christ the Living Stone Fellowship (CLSF) as one of their fund raising activites for church planting.
CLSF Battle of the Bands 2009

Anyway, we formed our banda-bandahan of 4 members. Originally, I got in as the bass guitarist; Melvin Louie Canilao as the lead guitarist, Jun Esguerra as the percussionist, and Joanne on keyboards and vocals. When Jo submitted our requirements, the coordinator was a bit shocked (as Jo related hehe) to know that we were only 4 plus the absence of a drummer boy. We've got someone to play the cajon for the beat. Ok. So, we thought of getting a drummer boy instead of having cajon for percussion. Jo contacted a friend called Jordan but sadly his schedules are tight and he cant stay out late. Ok. I actually decided to pursue an acoustic band until I checked once more my mobile's inbox and found Edward Doniego's name. That's it! Ed is a youth leader who I met in one of the generous camps in Iba, Zambales. At that time, their church was lead by Ptr Jhun Singson who was our previous resident pastor. In short, we got Ed as our drummer boy. As a result, we did a little role-switching in the band. And thanks due to the bad weather Ate Tin's (Christine Manzala) mission trip was postponed so she also joined us as keyboardist. Jun played the bass guitar while I got my hands on the acoustic guitar which I borrowed from Paulo Barrameda. And thanks to Clem Roxas' friend who charitably lent his bass guitar during rehearsals and on the day of the battle. We were nearly 10 days away from the competition and I was really apprehensive about it because we only got short time to rehearse and our schedules hardly coordinated. All songs were compositions. All songs were composed for solo performance so we had a hard time rehearsing them on a full-band basis. We had to rearrange some parts of the melody, lyrics, etc.

THAT's us! The PLAX Band. (c/o Calbayog-Samat Band)

In Mathematics, the most popular and most sought after variable is the X variable. For some it is unknown but I believe it is the Answer. PLAY for CHRIST = PLAX, we are the PLAX band; and we PLAY for CHRIST.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Preview Song Lyrics from my first album MARNIEANDFRIENDS

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Draw Me Back

By: Marnie Reyes

From the album: marnieandfriends


There are times when I call out to

The one Who found me lost

And there are moments in my tired days

I fall and turned away


How could I not know You hearing me

At times when Im strayed

I believe it’s You who never fail

Go running after me

It’s the time I feel Im letting go of You

But You see me through my ups and downs


You spared all mercy, abounding grace

To find my way back to You


My hope relies on You

My rest inspired by You

My peace, my strength, my every all

You draw me back (so I sing this song of praise)

My joy depends on You

My comfort and my care

Lord thank you for not giving up,

You draw me back to You


And I wonder every moment of my life

How such love persists thru time

Everlasting, You amazed me

Everlasting, Emmanuel